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Kyoto #01 by Tetsuya Blues on Flickr.

I find it fascinating that so often in the folklore of Appalachia, forests are often seen as a source of mysticism and sometimes, of the unexplained and supernatural. The higher up in elevation you go, the stranger the tales.
One Appalachian practice dictates that if you’re buried on top of a mountain, you’ll be closer to God and the journey to Heaven would be a much shorter one. This explains why you are more likely to find older cemeteries on top of the mountains or at least the higher elevations in the south.
According to Cherokee mythology, a mythical race known as Nunnehi lived in the higher elevations. This race of people were said to be immortal and fairy-like, living in underground townhouses high up in the Appalachian mountains. Many Cherokee stories speak about the Nunnehi, claiming that hunters would often hear singing and drumming coming from the top of the mountain. When they would go to investigate the source of the sounds, they would shift, sometimes sounding behind the hunters or even further into the woods. They were said to appear to humans when they allowed themselves to be seen. The Nunnehi were friendly, helping lost Cherokee to find their way out of the mountains. They are sometimes referred to as “the little people” in ancient mythology. 
I’ve also heard a few Cherokee tales which state that the Great Spirit(their version of God) lives on top of the mountains. I’ve also heard stories about Ghost Country, which is a mythical land similar to Niflheim(World of Mists) in Norse mythology.

I love researching stuff like this. It’s so fascinating.

" I am obsessed with the body. It wasn’t given to me; it was something I came with by being athletic and having a fascination with dress/costume as a way to mutate. I think about the relationship between the femaleness of my body and society’s perception and expectation with me. I get how the body can be dressed up or masked. One can masquerade, and the body is a structure, an infrastructure—kind of like a shell that can move around and create different reactions, for whatever reason, to empower yourself, or, as I said, to disappear or transform. "


Rajasthan, India




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